A webinar series on sustainable
for small business.

The Sustainable Recovery Series

As COVID-19 redefines how we do business, new opportunities for small businesses are emerging. How can your business adapt to survive now and flourish in the future? Join us for a 4-part webinar series that highlights trends and presents practical improvements for small businesses.

Intersection of Environment
& Diversity

Thursday July 23, 2020 12pm MNT

Diversity – racial, gender and cultural – is now front-and-center in our national conversation. Learn where diversity, the environment and business intersect and why it matters. Panelists will share thoughts on:

  • Why a diverse customer base is vital for growing your business
  • DEI, our communities and our planet – the larger conversation
  • Practical tips for DEI in business operations

Moderator: Leslie Nuccio, Bank of the West

Latria Graham,Outdoor Retailer Magazine
Laura Edmondson, Brown Girls Climb
Micah Ragland, DTE Energy

Sustainable Operations = Sustainable Recovery

Thursday August 6, 2020 12pm MNT

How do you adapt business operations in an unpredictable, stop-and-start economic environment? And how do you do it while maintaining a sustainable mindset? Hear from experienced experts on:

  • Expanding digitally to drive revenue
  • Building and maintaining a sustainable supply chain
  • How to adapt your seasonal business, including winter sports, for long-term survival

Moderator: Chris Davenport, Pro Skier

Rebecca Heard, EVO.com
Mital Patel, Elavon, Inc.
Greg Gausewitz, REI

The Values and Cents of Sustainable Recovery

Thursday July 30, 2020 12pm MNT

The pandemic derailed some consumer trends and accelerated others for the outdoor industry. What’s clear is there are common values among outdoor enthusiasts and businesses serving this segment. Learn how to leverage shared beliefs – for example about climate change – to connect authentically with customers and drive a sustainable recovery for your business, community and the planet.

Moderator: Chris Davenport, Pro Skier

Ben Stuart, Bank of the West
Laura Hills, The NPD Group
Mario Molina, POW
Nick Sargent, Snowsports Industries America

Why Cause Matters: Consumer Loyalty in Purchase Decisions

Thursday August 13, 2020 12pm MNT

New research shows outdoor enthusiasts care deeply about protecting the planet and spend with brands that share their beliefs and values. Speakers will give insights from their experience attracting and retaining die-hard customers who are brand advocates. Hear about:

  • Values-based marketing to core and expanded audiences
  • Successful loyalty programs
  • New research from Protect Our Winters on loyalty and the environment

Moderator: Chris Davenport, Pro Skier

Brady Robinson, Conservation Alliance
Kate Williams, 1% for the Planet
Jenn Swain, Burton

Featured Talks & Speakers

A 4-week series addressing small business challenges during the pandemic, with expert viewpoints on repositioning for long-term resilience through inclusivity, sustainability and values-based loyalty.

Micah Ragland

DTE Energy

Kate Williams

1% For the Planet

Ben Stuart

Bank of the West

Nick Sargent


Mario Molina


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